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R-Com DigiLog3  Temperature and Humidity sensor for Incubators, Hatchers and Brooders


The most cost effective, high precision thermometer / hygrometer.
Able to simultaneously measure both temperature and humidity.
Alarm function in case of abnormal temperature.
Designed as low power leads to 6+ months of use on a single battery.



  • Temperature Range: 0.00°C to 50°C 0.00°F to 90.00°F). Accuracy + 0.3°C ( 0.54°F).
  • Humidity Range 0 to 100%. Accuracy + 3%.
  • Can set abnormal temperature warning parameters.
  • Can be placed inside the incubator, hatcher or brooder for continuous readout of internal temperature and humidity.
  • ​Measures in F or C
  • easy to use
  • Comes with user instruction
  • Battery specification : 3[V] CR2032. Size : 82*42*1.5[mm]
  • Battery included!!

R-COM RCOM DigiLog3 Temperature and Humidity sensor PX-V3

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