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Manufactured by the leader in digital incubators, the R-COM Juragon R-60 incubator will be your true partner in life when it comes to the incubation of even the most precious and valuable eggs.


Main Functions:

  • Luxury design with streamlined egg-shaped concept.
  • FND displays temperature and humidity.
  • Enhanced reliability by applying Swiss's Sensirion's 3rd generation Digital temperature and humidity sensor.
  • Artificial intelligence electronic control device to automatically adjust the cycle of the incubator according to the ambient conditions.
  • Clear and transparent large view-window.
  • One touch detachable electric control unit for convenient cleaning.


Easy Functions:

  • Celsius or Fahrenheit convertible.
  • Alarm and display function of abnormal incubator temperature caused by sudden fluctuation of ambient temperature.
  • Rotating heater support which conveniently controls the tension of the heater.
  • Minimizing the parasitic bacteria by not using any interior material and using revolutionary hygienic duplicated insulation structure (bottom-egg tray).


Temperature Control:

Precise and stable temperature control is a key feature of the Rcom MAX 60 reptile incubator. Additionally, the incubator's shape is designed to maximize airflow for optimum temperature distribution. Temperature is controlled easily with the digital controls on the top of the incubator. The temperature is measured via a Swiss-made sensor, placed next to the eggs in the vermiculite, for the most accurate reading. The measurement is then displayed on the Rcom's digital incubator display.


Humidity control is achieved by adding water to the incubation substrate (vermiculite) at the beginning of incubation and once every 4 weeks. Humidity is measured via the Swiss-made sensor and displayed on the Rcom's top panel. If humidity drops below the desired level, more water can be added to the vermiculite.



$299.99 Regular Price
$264.99Sale Price
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