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                           R-COM JURAGON MX-R90 REPTILE DIGITAL  INCUBATOR


Manufactured by the leader in digital incubators , the R-COM Juragon MX R-90 incubator will be your true partner in life when it comes to  the incubation of even the most precious and valuable reptile eggs.


Main Functions:

  •  Automatic Temperature Setting and Control
  •  Automatic Humidity Setting and Control
  •  Interchangeable Fahrenheit to Celsius Readout
  •  Alarm Functions
  • Capacity 10 - 120 eggs

Easy Functions:

  •  Large clear lid provides easy viewing of eggs
  •  Large display for all readings, settings and controls
  •  Audible alarm if water reservoir is running low (Humidity)
  •  Microprocessor chip controls all incubation conditions for various reptiles species allowing easy use for beginners
  •  Animated LCD graphics provide easy status of all functions
  • Lower body detaches quickly for easy cleaning between hatches
  • Daily temperature gap setting available

Safety Functions:

  • BLDC Fan to maintain even temperature gap.
  • Noticing calculation fan movement
  • Easy locking buttons to secure upper & lower body portions.
  • During AC power outage the unit stores all operating data to resume same setting at the unit powered off.


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