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                                           R-COM SURO 20 DIGITAL INCUBATOR



Manufactured by the leader in digital incubators , the R-COM King Suro20 incubator will be your true partner in life when it comes to the incubation of even the most precious and valuable eggs.

Some of the main Functions include:

  • Luxury design with streamlined egg shaped concept

  • Enhanced reliability by applying Swiss's Sensirion's 3rd generation temperature & humidity sensor

  • Automatic temperature / humidity setting and adjusting function

  • Automatic egg turning function with Auto Egg cradle

  • Convenient humidifier with Automatic Pumping System (A.P.S)

  • Clear and transparent large view-window

  • One touch detachable electric control unit for convenient cleaning

  • Minimizing the parasitic bacteria by not using any interior material and using revolutionary hygienic double insulation structure (bottom-egg tray)

  • Variable air control lever to control air amount inside the incubator

  • Applying R-COM's optimum air flow technology to avoid the fan's air from directly touching egg

Easy Functions:

  • Automatic Humidification Pumping System which can be used on other brands incubator, and precise Speed Regulator VR to control the amount of pumping

  • Celsius or Fahrenheit convertible

  • Alarm and indicator function for abnormally high or low temperature caused by drastic and unusual outer temperature change

  • Incubation data memory function and power outage notification function in case of power outage

  • Easy to operate with three buttons

  • Closed structure to avoid water drops (condensation) on the view window from leaking out of incubator.

  • Rotating heater support which conveniently controls the tension of the heater.

  • Application of Water Nipple to supply water easily for humidification

  • Automatic humidification function for minimum 2 minutes (Press + button for 10sec.

Other Functions:

  • 4 Air Vent Holes for inflow of fresh air from outside to inside by affecting the heat insulation to the minimum

  • Not required to have a balance weight with the optimized incubator design considering the centroid of incubator's top and bottom when eggs are placed

  • Different kinds of eggs can be placed on egg tray, and Egg divider made of ABS material, which has perfect elasticity.

  • The bottom of the egg tray is made with embossed skid-resistance floor to prevent young birds from deformity in their legs.

  • The Automatic Pumping System (APES) for accurate humidification, has a pump of silicone tube, and is structured to make tube changed with ease and durable by installing mini roller on the tour areas with friction.


  • Amazon/ Macaw: 20 eggs

  • Pheasant: 20 eggs

  • Hen: 20 eggs

  • Quail: 60 eggs

  • Duck: 16 eggs


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